Gunnar blischke

Chef Gunnar Blischke and his outstanding kitchen team know how to preserve Asian flavours while adding Mediterranean touches. Born and bred in Hamburg, Gunnar started cooking when he was just 18 years old. Thanks to his determination and perseverance he won the European Championship with the German national team to then come in second in the Worldwide Championship held in Shanghai.

After years of experience in Germany, he left his home country to conquer the art of sushi in the world’s best restaurant in this speciality: Miyoka, in Tokyo. Once back in Germany, he worked at Reinstoff, a restaurant in Berlin with two Michelin stars, where he learnt new techniques and took his more creative side to the top level. In 2013 he moved to Majorca where, after being a chef at Coast by East and Sansibar, he became KATAGI Blau’s chef.